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Anthony Norris

   Anthony grew up in Northern Mississippi, later moved to Southwest Missouri. He attended Drury University with plans to attend pharmacy school upon graduation.
   Anthony joined the Army in 2006 during his senior year at Drury University to pursue his desire to serve his country.
   In January 2007, Anthony left for basic training in Fort Benning, Georgia. Following basic training he was sent to Fort Bragg, North Carolina for special warfare school. Anthony was assigned to a special operations unit conducting psychological operations. Anthony served as a Psychological Operation Sargent with the US Army for 7 years. Throughout his career he excelled, quickly reaching the rank of Sargent in less than two years. During this time he discovered a hidden passion for training and helping other service members.
   Assigned to a Tactical PSYOP Team (TPT) and deployed to Iraq September 2007. Anthony’s role was vital to Navy Special Warfare and Marine Corps operations during the Battle for Al Anbar. Outside his duties of Psychological Operation team member, he assisted with counter intelligence and counter insurgency operations. Redeploying stateside in 2008, Anthony graduated from Drury University with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and chemistry and by a minor in global studies.
B   efore Anthony could attend Pharmacy school, he deployed to Afghanistan in January 2010. He served as the Assistant Team Leader in Helmand Province, again supporting the Marine Corps, conducting psychological operations. Learning to speak the local language, Anthony was mission critical and operated in the most combative of areas. During his time in Afghanistan he was responsible for advising battalion and company commanders. Anthony’s mission was to support the Marine Corps by any means necessary. Using skills learned at Fort Bragg, Anthony saved many lives by being able to persuade, change and influence the local population.
Anthony    On July 23, 2010, Anthony’s life took a drastic change. He was wounded by an IED, while on a foot patrol resulting in a blast injury to include carrying shrapnel throughout his right side. Anthony remained in county, overcoming the pain and shrapnel in his body through dedication and love for his teammates.
   After Anthony returned state side, he was sent to a Medical Board for evaluation of injuries. Upon the Board’s completion, he was honorably discharged and medically retired for injuries in 2014. In efforts to rehabilitate from his time in the military and his injuries, Anthony began to help other Veterans recover through his employment and volunteer service. Anthony personally experienced the life altering changes that took place in the woods, through a variety of hunting trips, with his fellow comrades. He began to see changes in fellow comrade as well following these events.
Anthony Norris
Our Mission
 To empower Our Nation’s heroes through therapeutic and exciting experiences by harnessing the natural splendor of Alaska's landscape and the majestic healing power of sled dogs. Read More>

 Our camps are free to service members struggling with combat related PTSD or TBIs as well as their support channels! Read More>

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 To empower Our Nation’s heroes through therapeutic and exciting experiences by harnessing the natural splendor of Alaska's landscape and the majestic healing power of sled dogs. Read More>

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"The true battle for a veteran begins when they get home."
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